Make and Take Sponsorship – A Workshop to Increase Revenue, Results and Return on Investment

Using the exclusive Make and Take this seminar will focus on the first and most important steps when looking to secure corporate sponsors and agency partners. Using out-of-the-box ideas, you'll leave how to secure dollars, in-kind contributions, media coverage and other valuable resources. Hear and see examples of how to use e-mail, direct mail, personal visits and phone calls to tell your story to valuable contacts and potential prospects.


1.25 hours



Through small group work and large group sharing participants will create a plan to find, engage and attract sponsors to their programs. They will write an outline of a sponsorship proposal for their specific agency or program.


Learning Outcomes: Participants Will Learn:

  1. 1.List and complete the steps necessary to develop a sponsorship campaign and timeline with little or no "seed money" or budget
  2. 2.Match single or multiple sponsors to specific projects and programs to maximize ROI (return on investment.)
  3. 3.Create an unforgettable sponsorship package that will grab the attention of the most sought-after sponsors.
  4. 4.How to get and keep attention from top sponsor prospects.

Need Assessment

Funds are dwindling, competition for sponsorship dollars is fierce and many park and recreation professionals do not have specific experience generating and developing sponsorship proposals that will cut through the clutter and get results.


Learner Assessment

Written exercises will guide participants through a multi-step process in which they will develop an actual sponsorship plan.   Through small groups activities participants will edit and evaluate plans for one another. Participants will also be given handout templates in order to re-create the process for additional projects.

  • Attendees will leave with a ready-to-implement a sponsorship plan
  • Attendees will write a sponsorship letter using a template
  • Through small group discussion attendees will identify sponsor prospects for upcoming events


Evaluation Questions and Answers




List and complete the steps necessary to develop a sponsorship campaign and timeline with little or no "seed money" or budget


  • Planning
    • Internal Planning
    • Marketing planning
    • Implementing the Plan
  • Sales
    • Getting Your Foot in the Door
    • Closing the Deal
    • Negotiation
  • Service
    • Follow-up and Appreciation
    • Repeat Sales



How can you match single or multiple sponsors to specific projects and programs to maximize ROI (return on investment.)


Sponsor prospects have needs

  • Customer development
  • Higher profits
  • New product sampling
  • Customer Feedback

Sponsorship fills needs with access to target audience, face to face communication with target audience



What are ways to create an unforgettable sponsorship package


  1. 5.Dimensional direct mail
  2. 6.Unique delivery methods
  3. 7.Competitive pressure
  4. 8.Limited availability



How can you quickly locate sponsor prospects using the internet

  1. 9.Search competing events
  2. 10.Search for similar events outside your geographic area
  3. 11.Locate companies dedicated to your mission
  4. 12.Look for companies new to your area/community

Presentation Outline



Method of Delivery

Outcome from Above

Time Used

Session Outcomes and Overview

Lecture and large group feedback



Why/Where/When Search for Sponsors


Lecture with Large Group Sharing




Agency/Sponsor Assessment


Sponsor Match Game




Examples and Samples


Conclusion and Commitment Marketing

Case Study


3, 4


Target Audience

Administrators, Community Centers, Students, Arts and Events, General, Athletics, Marketing

Anyone responsible for communication, marketing or the overall success of an agency, its programs, services or facilities.


Proposed Chair

Jodi can chair her own session or will gladly work with your suggested Session Chairperson



Jodi Rudick

Park Ink

2530 Vista Way, Suite F29

Oceanside, CA 92054

Phone: 760-721-3737

Fax: 760-721-3323


Speaker Bio

Jodi is one of the nation’s leading marketing experts and speakers and – for the past 10 years – has dedicated her career to elevating the public’s perception of parks and recreation. In addition to creating the extremely successful “Benefits are Endless” campaign, Jodi has written five books related to marketing and publicity. She has spoken to park and recreation audiences in 43 states and was twice named Speaker of the Year by the Promotional Products Association International. For six years Jodi sat on the city of Oceanside, California’s Parks and Recreation Commission, Golf Committee and Child Care Committee.




Meet the Expert!

Jodi L. Rudick, MAS -- Marketing Consultant, Speaker, & Trainer, Motivational Marketing and Publicity Speaker.

Jodi is President of the Park Ink, founded in 1959, and the author of four books related to marketing and publicity. She will help YOU become a marketing success.

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